Selected Publications 
Goodman, Jonathan "90 Moves in Nine Seconds" Sculpture Magazine, April 2018 

Lê, An-My, "Best of 2017: The Artists' Artist '90 Moves in Nine Seconds'" Artforum Magazine, December 2017

Maine, Stephen "Inquiry Meets Imagination in Jen Durbin’s 'Jackie Series'" Hyperallergic, May 2017

Artsy "Jen Durbin, 90 Moves in Nine Seconds (2001-2017)" 

Kodikara, Thimali "Jen Durbin - 90 Moves in Nine Seconds (The Jackie Series)" Spain Fresh, 2017

Gray, Julia "90 Moves in Nine Seconds" Bushwick Daily, September 2017

 "90 Moves In Nine Seconds" Wall Street International, 2017

Ravich, Nick "90 Moves in Nine Seconds,"Artist short in production with Art 21 PBS, April 2018

In Conversation with Jonathan Goodman  ART 3 Program Series Artist Talk 
*available upon request

Interview with Branard Carey Yale Radio The Museum of Non-Visible Art
Interview with Christopher Joy and Zachary Keeting Gorky’s Grandaughter